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Welcome to British Birds in Aviculture

A warm welcome to British Birds in Aviculture,
A British bird keeping website for the breeding’ & exhibiting’ of 
British Hardbills & Softbills Mules & Hybrids Canaries & Related Species

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Registration Terms

Terms updated 14/2/16
Before you continue with your registration process, please read and understand the term of use

By agreeing to these terms of use on BBIA, you are agreeing to follow our very basic requirements of acceptable use on BBIA at all times.
We reserves to right to use any or all of the below terms when required and to take appropriate action in such cases were the basic terms are deemed to being abused. All admin/mod decisions are final and we reserve the right to modify our terms at anytime.
Although the admin and staff moderators will try their best to remove unsatisfactory content and behavior etc. we cannot be on the forums 100% of the time, so for this reason if a member spots something they feel unsatisfactory, please contact a staff member and we will look into the situation ASAP 
(DO NOT post complaints on open forums).

  • Keep on topic.
    BBIA is about bird keeping (“British” hardbills, softbills, mules and hybrids, canaries and related species ONLY) and no other subject or hobby.
    Threads on forums inevitably deviate from time to time, it is the nature of “conversations”; However, please try to stay within the topic of a thread; questions or comments which deviate substantially may be moved, locked or simply be deleted without notice.If you must post off topic content not relating to what BBIA is about, please only post within the “off topic” areas provided
  • Insults, personal comments, abuse, harassment or threats will not be tolerated.
    This applies equally to messages posted on the forums and to messages sent privately between members via private message (PM). Whilst we encourage debate between members and constructive criticism to help another member is usually acceptable,
  • Getting “personal” is not acceptable.
    Be nice to each other and respect the decisions of the admin and moderators
    Members DO have different opinions on subjects so see this as just that (their opinion) and not that they are having a go or telling you, you are wrong (it’s purely their opinion on that particular subject).
  • Don't use all capital letters in your posts.
    Using all capital letters is the forum equivalent of shouting at your fellow members and can be seen as being aggressive.
  • Do not cross-post in different forums.
    Post your message once to the appropriate forum and nowhere else (duplicate posts will be removed by staff).
    Any posts made in the wrong forum areas will be moved by staff to the most appropriate forum area (so please familiarize yourself with all the forums and try to post in the relevant forum).

  • All age groups.
    BBIA is accessible to all age groups without restriction, so be mindful that children may be reading.
    There is a censor built into the forum which filters out most bad language and profanities, but please do not try to get around this by adding different characters or spaces into the word.

  • Respect the etiquette of the forum.
    Get to know your way around the forum and how it's laid out before you post.
    It is strongly recommended that any new member’s, post an introduction in the “Welcome to British Birds in Aviculture Forum” as his/her first post as a way of introducing yourself to the other members.

  • Posting images.
    Keep any images uploaded to the forum to a reasonable size; i.e. please ensure that the whole of the picture can be seen on the screen without the necessity to scroll.
    Larger pictures are difficult to view by members and take up system resources, (and may be removed without prior warning).
    (600 pixels wide should be a reasonable maximum width for best viewing)

    Please note that we DO have a dedicated photo album, so please try to keep images within that area (unless relevant to a specific thread, but again it may be better to post within the photo album if at all possible in some situations).
  • Be patient.
    Do not reply to your own post within a short period of time, complaining that nobody has replied.
    It may take some time for a member who can help you with your question/problem to visit the forums.

  • Multiple accounts.
    Multiple accounts are prohibited and are grounds for immediate account deletion.
    If you have a grievance with the forum or any of the forum members, please email the Site Admin 
    (DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, POST PERSONAL GRIEVENCES ON OPEN FORUM), such posts will be removed immediately and may result in action being taken against that member/s with a temporary or permanent ban.
    If you have another account due to logging in issues etc. we can merge your new account with the old (ask staff for assistance).

  • Signatures.
    Member’s signatures must follow the same basic standards shown as on the main forums, please refer to section.
    Alternatively you may add a logo of a website as long as not too large and or website address.
  • Personal information. 
    We strongly suggest that you do not post personal information such as your domestic address, phone numbers on the open forum.
    Obviously, whether or not you disclose such information to another member privately is your choice, but bear in mind that we have no way of knowing if any member is genuine or not, so please bear this in mind as BBIA is not here to help individuals who are actively involved in bird crime etc.

  • Off topic.
    We have off topic forums at the bottom of the forum categories; please post all none BBIA type content within those forums only
  •  Reputation Points after a ban/suspension.
    If you receive a ban/suspension regardless of duration, your Reputation points will be set back to zero (0).
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