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Welcome to British Birds in Aviculture

A warm welcome to British Birds in Aviculture,
A British bird keeping website for the breeding’ & exhibiting’ of 
British Hardbills & Softbills Mules & Hybrids Canaries & Related Species

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Useful Links:


  1. British Bird Council   (1,008 visits to this link)

  2. British Softbill Society   (954 visits to this link)

    The British Softbill Society was formed by Breeders & Exhibitors of our British Softbills

  3. International Ornithological Association   (866 visits to this link)

  4. Treviscoe Bird Keepers Society   (459 visits to this link)

    Upcoming Events:
    Auction Tuesday 18th September

  5. British - Eurasian Birds For Sale UK & Europe   (726 visits to this link)

    If you have birds for sale please also advertise them on here,
    this is another BBIA outlet for the wider audience.

  6. Softbills.co.uk   (131 visits to this link)

    An avicultural supplies company founded by Jonathan Stephenson in 2018 and located in London.  

    We import specialist Softbill bird products from quality manufacturers in The Netherlands, Italy, Germany and Asia. We have distribution agreements with De Imme, Unica, Lor Italia, Aves Avian and Claus


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