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Welcome to British Birds in Aviculture

A warm welcome to British Birds in Aviculture,
A British bird keeping website for the breeding’ & exhibiting’ of 
British Hardbills & Softbills Mules & Hybrids Canaries & Related Species

Come and join for free!

  • Welcome to British Birds In Aviculture.
    A British bird keeping website for the breeding’ & exhibiting’ of British Hardbills & Softbills Mules & Hybrids Canaries & Related Species

    A few logos through the years 


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    Below is a section of our original “About Us” text from our original website around 2006

    This website has now been online for over 2 years dealing with all aspects of keeping and breeding British softbill & hardbill species, this also includes mules, hybrids and canaries.

    Since getting involved in the internet and web design, I have noticed a huge gap in regards to websites specializing in these species;

    I have also had plenty of feedback from breeders of such species saying how a new site specializing in their side of the hobby is well over due.

    My personal experience of keeping British species is now in its third year with much of the help and advice being available on our BBIA forum.

    My main bird keeping interest in the past was with the parakeet species for the past 20+ years; however I have decided to take on my main passion within birds, which is our Native British species. Although I am limited in experience of Native species in regards to breeding and such, I have had some great help with information and what the site should contain to attract fellow British breeders, by some very dedicated British breeders. I think the success of this website is based on information gained from the viewers and the content provided by the viewers (the people who breed the birds).

    The BBIA site covers just about everything related to breeding British, INC. showing, bird clubs, breeding setups, mules & hybrids even canaries as they do play a part in this area and in-depth articles from proven breeders also basic specie fact files.

    We aim to in time cover every aspect of keeping and breeding British, however this will based greatly on the information provided by you the breeders and exhibiters, if you think that another area of the hobby should be included or is not being done in the right way I want to know so we can continue to improve on what we already have.

    If you have the information on a species, please send us an article on how you do things, this not only helps the hobby and others to get results from their birds but also makes good reading from the viewers respect, and who knows may even get others interested in breeding British.

    Many members now see this site as a valuable source of information on the net for their hobby, and visit, post regular, this has helped build the site in to a great resource for others to learn from and generally increase the profile of the benefits of breeding British.

    The British species breeders have been in decline in the past few years, with many concentrating on the foreign species, nobody seems to be promoting British with any degree of success.

    However with BBIA we are now providing a specialized service that’s free to join in and learn valuable breeding tips etc. (were ells do you get such a service?).

    UPDATE 2016

    Well so much has changed within our hobby and BBIA has now been running well over 10 years from when we first started back in 2004.
    The British bird keeping fancy has grown immensely over this period.
    We now have many sources of information across the internet sharing information just as we do which in our view is a huge plus for the hobby.


    Our goals on BBIA haven’t changed; we still have the drive and enthusiasms as we did back in the early days of BBIA that said I still personally have lots in my head I would love to bring to the site in time to make BBIA a more user friendly experience and generally more enjoyable for our members.


    Hopefully we will all still be around in another 10 years and hopefully can continue to promote this great hobby that is British Birds in Aviculture.



    Welcome to BBIA

    We are all simple bird keepers just like you!


    Karl (The BBIA Team)

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